Kate Gosselin Is Mean, Withholds Water From Daughter Mady Gosselin

June 11th, 2009 // 19 Comments

This clip from Access Hollywood will give you a clue as to where Kate Gosselin’s priorities are. Loving the fame, not so much the kids and their pesky water needs!

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Barbadiva

    I don’t care what Kate does but from having watched several shows, that Mady kid is usually incredibly annoying and manipulative and overly dramatic. The kid won’t dry up and blow away.

  2. Jessica

    I don’t really think she was being that mean. If you’ve ever seen the show you know Madi is a complete diva and at times way overboard and dramatic. If she gave Madi water then every other kid there probably would have wanted some. She’s obviously not dehydrated nor has she not had nothing to drink “all day.” Give me a break. I’m sick of people trying to demonize this woman. Kids are kids and when one wants something they all want something. She was right to wait to do the interview and give the crew time to prepare water for ALL the kids not just Madi.

  3. hoosiermom

    If you watch the clip, she reached down to get the bottle of water to give to Mady, then obviously got the sign that they were getting ready to go on. No big deal. I’m not even a fan of Kate, and I think this clip is not really mean.

  4. Who Cares

    She’s a bitch.

  5. jc

    Im not a fan of Jon or Kate or the show but Maddy is just a little girl doing what she knows how to do and is allowed to do. This doesnt make her a bad kid and she may grow out of it or get some help to grow out of it as she gets older…for her sake I hope so.

  6. Zil

    Geez, she’s a little kid – those lights are hot and I don’t care how annoying and whiny she is, give her some damned water! She’s her monther, not an actress hired to play her mother.

  7. Livinius Nwambe

    Look, even if she is a whiny bitch (The daughter or the mom, whichever), the mom’s drinking water right in front of the kid, who’s been whining for the entire clip about being thirsty.

    That’s a bitch move right there, mom. A bitch move. Someone needs to school this chick before that hairdo fucks up her ego even more

  8. UNoit

    Not only would I not have given that whiny drama princess water, I would have given her the back of my hand to shut her up.

    I’m sure as soon as she got her water, next thing is she would have had to go to the bathroom.

    The only thing more annoying than Mady the Diva is people who start sentences with the word “Look.”

  9. Ugh

    it still was mean to ask for a bottle and then drink it in front of the kids who did state they were thirsty. Why ask for one herself until her kids got water too, it was just cold hearted. If she wants to display her true character though, have at it Kate. She is what she is and it is not pretty. She taught Mady well, where do you think her child picked up such behavior. Great role models! *cough*

  10. UghAgain

    notice how Mady jumps back when her mom does her famous “shoo hand” thing, the kids has obviously been wacked before to snap back like that when Kate’s hand came at her. A child learns that too, it obviously has happened to put fear in the child and the child’s behavior, I’d act out having a camera in my personal space recording my every move too, that is going to cause behavioral problems in any kids. I think it’s mean that people are being so critical of Mady, a child who did NOT choose this life or her parents. When her Mom is the reason Mady is how she is, Kate is great at performing for the camera, Mady picked up on it and the drama. Makes me sad for the kids, they deserve a better Mom. Hope when Kate is in a nursing home, that Mady drinks water in front of her one day when Kate moans of being thirsty.

  11. bobo

    instead of her taking a sip first she should have given it to her daughter who is thirsty child . and yes she is a mean bitch !!

  12. Concerned

    Even if the child is being whiny she should not have asked for a bottle of water and drank it in front of her kids after they’ve been begging for some!

  13. Mavick

    What? give the kid some water for god sake! I don’t watch the show, so the only reason i know this bitch is because she in every magazine! i can’t believe that bitches like her get famous having toons of kids iiilike she were a rabit! if you were in Africa or China I bet you anything she would not have the same atention she is getting here! they are spoiling this BITCH! and it’s our fault! there’s are more impotant things in this world.

  14. Didi

    I think Kate took a sip of the water and when Mady noticed Kate was drinking water started to whine and be a diva. If you watch the show, you know that Mady is quite the drama queen. Kate was also going to give her a sip, but was told they were going to be taping. Also, it’s easy to sit here and “judge” Kate, but I’m sure that with 8 kids, the constant whining we hear is more like white noise to Kate because she’s so used to it.

  15. Zan

    Is the world going to end because she gives the child some water. I mean these kids have made millions for their parents. Are we remembering that the kids are the real breadwinners here? Without them no one would even know the Gosselins existed. Drinking in front of Mady was inconsiderate to say the least. If you expect respect from your kids, don’t you give them respect in return?

  16. Matthew

    All I’m gonna say is, “YOU ALL try having six kids that are the same age, then a set of twins who are the same age, and trying to keep your cool all the time.”

    I think Kate is awesome.

  17. So Tired

    So tired of Kate and the Kate supporters acting like Kate is a victim for having so many kids and like she is some saint. Far from it, she is a narcissistic, selfish, greedy woman who loves only herself first, not God, not Jon, not her kids, in Kate’s world, it’s KATE FIRST, me, me, me, what can others do for me, give to me, memememememeeeee! If they don’t give of their time, money or things for free, she discards people, writes them off. Like that isn’t going to mess up those kids too, more then she already has. One day one of her kids will turn on mommy dearest and refuse Kate water when in a nursing home, hopefully spit in her face too and discard their mom like she has so many others who wanted to love her kids and were there for the kids in their best interest. The minute someone speaks on behalf of those kids, for their best interest, she also discards them, because they will stop her gravy train. This is the most verbally abusive, self centered person I have ever seen! She likes to humiliate, be mean, to feel good about Kate. She doesn’t deserve those 8, maybe it’s why God did not want her to have kids in the first place, HE knew she’d be a horrible mother and she is. Jon’s a wus! He is such a wimp and lets her do this to his kids, BE A MAN AND STAND UP TO HER JON AND STOP USING YOUR KIDS! He’s too busy being medicated, she’s too busy inhaling nail polish and spa fumes to even care about them unless it’s playing it up for the camera. God giveth, God can taketh away. Just watch.

  18. Carrie

    I have one and at times her whining, demands and moodiness sometimes go in one ear and out the other when I get preoccupied. I couldn’t even imagine what 8 would do to me. Kate is awesome, strong, funny, organized and her kids are happy and well adjusted. Jon has the personality of a doorknob. Women tend to take charge in the household and look like bitches when there is a weak man in the picture.

  19. kelly

    The military mom continues. How dare one of my child asks for water before an interview. After all if one child wants water then all the kids will want water and then they all will have to go to the bathroom.
    These kids should be appreciate the fact that they are on time and famous. After all they are making me (oh I mean them) rich and famous. Fame first kids second. The kids are used for fame. If they are not what are they good for!!!

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