Kate Gosselin Is Cracking On DWTS, Partner Wants To Quit

March 30th, 2010 // 11 Comments

For a while there Jon Gosselin‘s douche-baggery made us all sympathize with the silent team Kate. On last night’s Dancing With The Stars, though, Kate Gosselin turned her partner Tony Dovolani into husband part two and they bickered through their rehearsal. She lectured him and criticized his teaching until he declared “I quit.” He ended up coming back and they made it to the show to perform, Kate giving a stiff and cringe-worthy Jive in a red flapper dress.

Len Goodman probably said it best when he told her nerves can help or hurt and this case they hurt her. “What’s the worst that could happen, you go wrong, you fall over?” he said. “So what?” The worst that could happen is already happening for control freak Kate who can’t control her body and can’t let loose either. We’ll have to see if she survives long enough for another attempt. Watch the video after the jump.

Here’s Kate in a better light selecting charitable donation to the Sunshine Project Pediatrics Cancer Foundation on March 21, 2010. Not because she’s being charitable, but because you can’t hear her.

By Madison Ventura

  1. Linda

    I’m one of the very few people that didn’t think Jon Gosselin was as bad as the media made him out to be… KATE however shows her true colors EVERYWHERE, hence DWTS… Come on people get a clue, she’s a bitch and I would’ve cheated on her too!!

  2. Kate Gosselin 'DWTS' Gifting Suite
    Commented on this photo:

    Kate,i just think you are the shizzle.I hope i cross paths with you one day.I live like 20 minutes from you.I dont know id probably be star struck.I just oh wow,put it this w,wow 8y if i could be with any woman,yes you are my number one.I nave a thing for older blonds,im 31 so you know.I give you props 8 little ones,they are defintley keep you on your heels.I have a 8yr old son,and he with me.I dont nknow how you do it girl,bee a single parent not something you plan for,just happens.It really hard to trust anyone,you got other people that are more important than anything.My son comes first,it just sucks not haven that special someone.I want a real women,one that doesnt abadonen her family,just so she can run around,kinda like your ex.I wish you the best,by the way you are so hot.Who knows maybe il get lucky and get to meet you one day,till then its just a fantasy.

  3. Kate Gosselin 'DWTS' Gifting Suite
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    Kate ,my dear you have to do your best for finding some like me it seems you are very lucky. see you……………….jalil

  4. Kate Gosselin 'DWTS' Gifting Suite
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    Kate, I think your very brave…. everyone is so quick to judge but who has walked a mile in your shoes… I wonder where u find the strength?! I am a 27 yr old stay at home mother of three kids all less than a yr apart ages 5,6,7 I met my boyfriend at 18 and hes older the opposite of your situation…. its not any better!!! I’ve just come to realized how hard it is to be a mother who cares and raises mulitiple children. Its been a struggle which i’m sure you can relate being a mother and a woman we feel like we have to do it all ….good luck with you and your lovely childeren !!!!

    • jeannie

      she doesnt stay at home with her kids and she isnt the only women who gave birth to 8 children she had a damn good man and let him go she needs to worrie bout all those kids she has and not her self…is the kids making any money noi one cares to watch her it the kids not her so they need to get paid not her

  5. Kate Gosselin 'DWTS' Gifting Suite
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    kate is very pretty,I see this all the time.IF your attitude is horrible,thats outshadows your beauty….

  6. Kate Gosselin 'DWTS' Gifting Suite
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    kate you are a beautiful and sexy woman, and deserve to find happiness whether that be by yourself or with a mate. good luck

  7. Kate Gosselin 'DWTS' Gifting Suite
    Jnette bcker
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    Kate why dont you get a real life and do something with youre face sorry but it looks plastic

  8. Kate Gosselin 'DWTS' Gifting Suite
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    “Kate’s THE Kutest” in ALL the land…just darling *sigh

  9. Kate Gosselin 'DWTS' Gifting Suite
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    Hello Aunt I have get desire on you led kept bloodpressure according ardvertiesment and I Just yet interested to you

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