Kate Gosselin Is Cracking On DWTS, Partner Wants To Quit

For a while there Jon Gosselin’s douche-baggery made us all sympathize with the silent team Kate. On last night’s Dancing With The Stars, though, Kate Gosselin turned her partner Tony Dovolani into husband part two and they bickered through their rehearsal. She lectured him and criticized his teaching until he declared “I quit.” He ended up coming back and they made it to the show to perform, Kate giving a stiff and cringe-worthy Jive in a red flapper dress.

Len Goodman probably said it best when he told her nerves can help or hurt and this case they hurt her. “What’s the worst that could happen, you go wrong, you fall over?” he said. “So what?” The worst that could happen is already happening for control freak Kate who can’t control her body and can’t let loose either. We’ll have to see if she survives long enough for another attempt. Watch the video after the jump.

Here’s Kate in a better light selecting charitable donation to the Sunshine Project Pediatrics Cancer Foundation on March 21, 2010. Not because she’s being charitable, but because you can’t hear her.