Kate Gosselin Called Jon Gosselin ‘Stubby’

It could have been angry ex talk.  What girl hasn’t spread rumors about a lame ex having a wang small enough to fit through the hole in a CD?

Okay, maybe not everyone but it’s definitely not too low down and dirty for scarfs-as-shirts-are classy Haily GLassman.

US Weekly reports that the woman who put up with Jon Gosselin for a decade, Kate Gosselin (when is she going back to the maiden name already?), chastised Jon for his ity bity man-handle.   A source spilled that Kate would joke with friends and family about Jon’s not so magic stick and sometimes called him “Stubby” to his face.

Back in September Jon took his first steps towards admitting his small manhood when he told GMA “I was verbally abused…I was beaten down.”Jon is freaking obnoxious and if I ever had to listen to his arrogant self-centered reasoning I would have no problem throwing out a “What do you know golf pencil?”  Of course I don’t have the arguing skills of Nancy Grace.

Here’s Kate running errands around Reading, Pennsylvania with daughters Hannah and Leah Gosselin this morning, sporting a hair cut a little shorter than those extensions she hated .  Guess girlfriend prefers things short.