Kate from Lost Cries us a River

January 2nd, 2007 // 16 Comments

Another celebrity is bitching about fame again.

Evangeline Lilly has hinted she will quit Lost unless the show’s fans stop hassling her. The actress is growing weary of the constant attention she receives from followers of the program and admits she sometimes considers walking away from her role as sexy fugitive Kate in the hit series.

Lilly, who is dating her ‘Lost’ co-star Dominic Monaghan, said: “I am an incredibly private person, and it’s so exhausting to me that everywhere I go people know me or think they know me. If I could act and make the income I make and be anonymous, I would never want to leave the job.”

Oh, that job? Around these parts we call it Queen Mistress of La-La Land. Call me when the shuttle lands, Vange. You’re pretty. You make scads of money. You’ve found love. You film your show in f*cking Hawaii and your job before this was like selling vaccuum cleaners or something in Canada. Once in awhile someone’s going to film you frolicking on the beach with your hobbit. It’s when they AREN’T photographing you that you should worry about. Psycho.

Evangeline Lilly is a Little Whiny [Starpulse]


By J. Harvey

  1. That is the biggest ass statment ever!!!! It boggles me why people go for fame and then when they get it they don’t want it…Like that chick who walked away from ER after the first year..WTF? if she is in it for the acting then go to the community playhouse and stay anonymous. It pisses me off because there are about 5 million girls who would kill for that part on Lost. If you are just doing it for the love of acting then don’t be on a hit TV show…She sucks

  2. Carol

    Dude if I got photographed wearing that ridiculous outfit, I’d be pissed too. ;)

  3. Amazing.

    Before Lost she was nothing really. Now that she’s part of something that makes TV history, she wants to run away.

    Jack is having the same thoughts:


  4. shannon from hawaii

    Leave the show and move away…I’ve never heard a more ungrateful statement. I read an article how she said she was driving a beat up toyota truck and the window wouldn’t roll up and she had only a few dollars in her checking account. She had lots of privacy then. Perhaps she should go back to that. She’s a spoiled child. What she is reeally saying is I want all the outrageous money and anonimity and ALL the perks and freedoms associated with this career, when I prayed every day for someone to give me a break. So NOW I can sit around and piss and moan about how my life sucks becuase I’m famous now. Yeah you’ve made the big time, you sound just like a ungrateful star. Give me a break…

  5. M

    I remember seeing her in one of those 1-800-call-me-for-phone-sex commericals. She is a bland piece of shit who needs to be taken down a notch. And I still can’t believe she lets that grubby little elf-man poke her with his wiener. If her clothing choices don’t reveal her lack of taste, her choice of “man” definitely does.

  6. Patsy

    So go ahead and quit already. I won’t miss you.

  7. Hannah

    Wow! Talk about ungrateful! I also cannot understand why these celebrities apparently have insane amounts of money and insist on wearing outfits like that in public. Good grief. I wouldn’t wear that get-up to do yard work!

  8. scoo

    All I can say is don’t let the door hit you in t he ass on the way out. I can’t be the only one feeling that way either.

  9. hate kate

    Dude, I pray for Kate to be killed off Lost on a weekly basis. I’ll stalk her myself if she promises to leave!

  10. get a life

    Give her a break – her house just burned to the ground.

    Get a life.

  11. I Hate Evangeline

    Hey Get a Life, she has tons of money to buy a new house. She better do it now before her 15 minutes are up. She is a skank who is ungrateful. Quit already and go back to Canada

  12. lo

    Honey, you wanted the money and fame. Did you think it would be for free? The devil has come to collect your soul.

  13. Lita from Paris

    I can understand her ! It’s normal everybody look at you because they recognize you and you can be alone for 2 minutes that’s sucks! i know that because, i’m not famous but i’ve got pink hair and everybody look at me and i hate that i want to kick everyone’s ass! Oh come on! Evangeline is a normal girl and she never has imagined to be also famous ! Just try to imagine by forgetting glory and money !

  14. Lee Pierce

    Everyone should just leave her alone. Maybe she’s had a few experiences she’s not mentioning that make her act this “ungrateful.” Remember a movie called “Paparazzi”? You have to remember that once normal people turn famous, they’re not real anymore.

  15. Laura

    in my country we would tell evangeline: “don’t spit towards the sky”


    Damn– You people sound like the biggest bunch of POOR UNATTRACTIVE BITTER LOSERS. You need celebs to degrade so that you can distract yourself for 2 seconds from your horrible existence. If your life was worth living, you wouldn’t waste it BITCHING OVER SOME FU CKING PERSON YOU HAVE NEVER, AND WILL NEVER, MEET. No wonder this Lilly person hates fame, look at the freaks who come out of the woodwork!

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