Kate Bosworth Supports Alexander Skarsgard At ‘True Blood’ Premiere

After Alexander Skarsgard brought his lady love home to Sweden to meet family and friends, Kate Bosworth came to support her man at the True Blood Season 3 red carpet premiere at The Cinerama Dome yesterday (June 8). Kate, in a Preen dress, walked separately from Alex because in Hollywood walking a red carpet together is a far more serious step than meeting the parents.

Engaged couple Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer walked hand in hand at the premeire, but don’t expect them to be walking down the aisle soon. They’ve been engaged for 10 months, but they haven’t planned anything yet.

“We haven’t even started. I don’t know who these sources are who say we have plans,” Moyer said at the premiere. “We haven’t even started yet, but we’ve got ages. We’ve got a lifetime.” (Watch the video after the jump.)

Click through the gallery to see the show’s stars get cozy together and a green jumpsuit that defies logic by being cute.