Kate Bosworth is So Over Orlando

After break-up from Orlando Bloom, Kate Bosworth needed something to take her mind off her romantic woes. So, she threw herself into her work, her latest film, “The Girl in the Park,” in which she plays the long-lost daughter of Sigourney Weaver’s character. The role was an emotional one and helped Kate exorcise some demons.

“Last year was difficult on many levels, and this film was very therapeutic for me. I was able to have a cathartic experience through this character. I was grieving quite a few things.”

I’m guessing that model boyfriend of hers (James Rousseau) probably had a little something to do with uplifting Kate’s spirits. In addition, I must comment that I’m digging her mod-French outfit here. It’s oh, so Foux Da Fa Fa.


More photos of Kate Bosworth with her boyfriend James Rousseau are after the jump.