Kate Beckinsale Is Scared

January 27th, 2006 // 17 Comments

Of birthday parties, that is. Kate Beckinsale fears her daughter’s upcoming birthday party may be a disaster, because it may not live up to Hollywood standards.

The Underworld actress’ daughter Lily turns seven next Tuesday and the British sex symbol is worried she won’t be able to organise an extravagant party to match the ones Lily often attends as a guest.

Beckinsale explains, “In England, when I was a child, you’d get maybe a plate of jam sandwiches and some poor guy who wants to be an actor, pretending to be a clown.

“Here (in Hollywood), they have like the final scene from Grease with the ferris wheel – and John Travolta is actually there. They go completely mad.

Just hire John Travolta and a ferris wheel and you’ve got nothing to worry about.

More photos of Kate Beckinsale after the jump.

Beckinsale Intimidated By Birthdays [contactmusic]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Victims of Iraq War, Katrina Victims

    How will she get through? Does she sleep at night?

  2. Mariana

    I think it’s more of a comment based on the fact that she’s aware of how ridiculous Hollywood parties can get.

    Nice job of airbrushing out her strech marks for those pics.

  3. melly

    omg, give us a fucking break.

  4. ihatecelebs

    I can’t take this woman anymore. All she ever does is complain about how awful Hollywood (i.e. America) is and how fabulous friggin’ England is! Did anyone ever teach her how to book a flight home? And take that fruity accent of yours with you when you leave, bitch!

  5. moi.

    go home kate! no one wants you or ur british ass


    her appendectomy scar is gone too ;-)

  7. aprincess

    She should Move. Hollywood is no place to raise children anyway. This proves how aweful it is there.

  8. mark

    she looks like kate from lost!!1!

  9. andrea

    ihatecelebs is right, Kate Beckinsale always complains about Hollywood standards or America in particular yet no one here is telling her to stay. She should just pack up her bags and leave.

  10. Passport Junkie

    ihatecelebs / moi

    Are you being intentionally racist? an eye-for-an-eye? you think she hates america so its ok to attack england?

    its people like you who start wars….oh no, that would be your elected “leader” and entourage…

  11. Lisa

    To passport junkie,

    You are an ignoramus. Comments made by moi and ihatecelebs were bashing a country not a race of people. A race of people are either mongoloid, caucasoid (sp), and negroid.

    Please stop throwing around the word “racist,” especially when you do not know the true meaning.

  12. Marley

    I want to be a lesbian now.

  13. iluvcelebs

    oh will you Kate Beckinsale haters shut up. You don’t own America so you can’t tell her to leave this place. This is a FREE country bitches, she can stay whether she likes and she can SAY whatever she likes. thats freedom of speech you idiots! GOSH!

  14. iluvcelebs

    Lisa you’re a BITCH!!!stop trying to act like you know shit…coz you DONT, ok bitch.. haha

  15. Ana

    If she hates it so much around here then why does she stay? Yea there is freedom of speech but can’t she say what she wants on the other side of the pond so we don’t have to listen to her bitch??

  16. kill

    Just because you hate a lifestyle does not mean you hate the country. I hate the school system these days, so many people come out of it with there heads up there asses. Forget long division start teaching common sense to boot.

  17. Rule Brittania

    England Loves kate – fuck your stupid US of fucking A bollocks – twats!

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