Kate Beckinsale Works On Her Gluts

January 24th, 2006 // 14 Comments

She’s claimed that she has a fat ass (I beg to differ; look at exhibits 1-5), and now she thinks that Hollywood celebrities should start wearing burkhas.

Sexy Kate Beckinsale reckons Hollywood stars should indulge in a little Taliban-chic. The star of the upcoming “Underworld: Evolution,” who appears in a steamy cover shoot for British GQ, says, “Actually, I’m surprised there aren’t more celebrities in burkhas. You wouldn’t have to work out. You could let yourself go. We should design a non-religious celebrity burkha with a floral print.”

(More photos of Kate Beckinsale working her gluts after the jump.)

Kate Beckinsale Brings Back the Burkha [Egotastic]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. MissNee

    shut up bitch!

  2. Green Eyed Angel

    That’s what’s wrong with LA, its all about the ta-tas. She has a small butt for NY standards, and either way… mine’s better & I don’t have to work out :O)
    Is that what we really need, burkhas so less people feel the need to work out, like the country doesn’t have enough diabietes II already!

  3. tahlullah

    Ah yes…burkhas. I’ve always associated them with great freedom of movement as well. Carry on, Kate.

  4. Green Eyed Angel

    Wait, hold up! The saddest thing about this entry… this b*znitch was sitting around watching the news about the war we’re fighting and sees the camera pan to a Muslim woman. And she says to herself “Wow, they’re soo lucky to like be able to wear that. An outfit that like hides all the spots that liposuction can miss! It’s just a little drab. I know!! Cute little flowers!! OMG, this will be like sooo hotter then Uggs!”

  5. Just Saying

    Cool velco shoes!

  6. nicole

    Skinny people who say they are fat make me sick because they only do it for attention. Of course she doesn’t think she has a fat ass, she just wants to make sure we all notice that it’s not fat.

  7. tocutetoscoot

    She does kind of have a didy butt, you know like a midget She is short so maybe that explains it.

  8. Nicole

    It’s been pretty well documented that Kate had anorexia when she was younger (and major body issues) – so I imagine her insecure comments come from that.

    Which is sad, because the girl has a perfect body.

  9. anona

    At least she’s not smoking a cig like the last time she worked out!

  10. cupcakebitch

    oh dear lord! calm down – she’s british ergo great sense of humour. You Americans really don’t get our sarcasm. Hey I’m part of the burqa group and that totally did not offend me!

  11. cupcakebitch

    oh dear lord! calm down – she’s british ergo great sense of humour. You Americans really don’t get our sarcasm. Hey I’m a muslim and that totally made me laugh – if everyone was more open minded about what women wish to wear life would be so much easier.

  12. Jelly

    She is TOTALLY being sarcastic. I laughed out loud.

  13. Julia

    She’s hot!

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