Kate and Pete Fake Married? UPDATED

Happy New Year. Kate Moss and Pete Doherty might have been too high to realize that a Buddhist ceremony in Thailand isn’t legally recognized in England. Or Kate might have been sober enough to realize that letting a junkie have access to her millions of pounds isn’t too bright so she tricked him.

Kate Moss and Pete Doherty are set to have an official wedding this month after reports that they have secretly “married” in a Buddhist ceremony on a beach in Thailand.

The wedding was, by all accounts, a romantic affair, with Moss, 32, wearing f lowers in her hair as the couple exchanged vows on the island of Phuket.

More details on Kate and Pete’s “marriage” after the jump.

Kate and Pete Had Buddhist Wedding Ceremony [The Daily Mail]

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However, the ceremony is likely to have no legal standing in this country.

That is likely to change soon, as strong rumours are circulating which suggest that Kate and Pete, 27, are planning to get married on 18 January at a London register office, rumoured to be Marylebone.

A friend said: “We’ve all been asked to keep that date free but not been told why.”

I’m wondering what the draw is for her with this one? Does his soul shine that bright through all the vomit, track marks, foaming at the mouth, court dates, seizures, endless escapes from rehab, being unable to perform sexually due to coke dick, and joblessness? Is she the Mother Theresa of girlfriends? Or did modeling mess her ass up psychologically? Your guess is as good as mine. Enable away, Katie. Just don’t give him your ATM card anytime soon.

UPDATE – Kate’s rep says that no such ceremony has taken place, according to People.