Kate Winslet’s Nude Sketch To Be Auctioned Off This Weekend

After this weekend, someone is going to be the proud owner of Kate Winslet’s famous nude sketch from the hit movie, TitanicCBS News reports that the sketch, which will be auctioned off at the Premiere Props memorabilia auction, is expected to be the star item on the action block.

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Personally, if it were my nude sketch that was up for sale, I would run to the auction and bid on it relentlessly.  Not only would I not want a stranger to have a picture of me in all my nakedness hanging on their wall, I would want such a beautiful piece for my own collection.  And who knew that the director of Titanic, James Cameron, was the one who actually sketched the portrait?  So talented!  I wonder if Kate felt awkward being naked in front of the well known filmmaker.  Regardless, she isn’t shy about being naked in from of the camera, even guiding Mildred Pierce co-star Evan Rachel Wood during her first nude scene.

Well, congrats to whoever wins the sketch.  It really is a beautiful piece of artwork!