Kate Winslet’s Ex-Boyfriend Louis Dowler Still Hurt Over Breakup

Kate Recalls the Fire
Kate Winslet talks about her harrowing escape.
Seems like Louis Dowler isn’t over his breakup with his ex-beau Kate Winslet. The Male Model came out of hiding and  recently confessed to Daily Mail that the breakup is still ‘raw’ and isn’t sure that the Oscar award winning actress ‘treated [him] well’.

Dowler also claims that he hasn’t found anyone since the break up because he still ‘holds a torch’ for his uber curvy ex. Kate left the Burberry model virtually in tears and quickly moved on to nephew of Sir Richard Branson, Ned Rocknroll. *Eyeroll*

Jeebus, Louis. Get. It. Together. You’re a grown ass man! Yes, she’s dating a guy who voluntarily changed his last name to “Rocknroll” and yes, I do believe that she traded down when she got together with him. BUT she looks happy and you can’t be openly crying your little eyes out about how much Kate broke your heart into tiny little pieces. It’s unbecoming and people will judge you. I know because I am.