Kate Winslet Speaks Of The Return Of ‘Titanic 3D’ [VIDEO]

Back in the day
At the 1997 Academy Awards.
15 years ago Titanic became one of the world’s most beloved and acclaimed films, and on April 4th it is being re-released in 3D! It is almost the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking, and so we get to experience Jack and Rose all over again!

How can we forget the iconic scene at the bow of the ship…

Kate Winslet, who has been promoting the movie’s re-release, said that she cringed at the sight of herself in the 3D adaptation. The actress said: “It’s like someone saying, ‘OK here’s a home video we made of you 16 years ago and now we’re gonna make you watch yourself in 3-D.’”

Kate also said that this is the first of her films she will be taking her two children to, but will be making sure that their eyes and ears are covered during her nude scene with Leonardo DiCaprio!

Check out the rest of Winslet’s interview with ABC News after the jump, where she spills on her favorite scene in the movie and why she can no longer go on a boat without being asked this question…

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