Kate Winslet Reaction To ‘Titanic’ 3D: “Make It F***king Stop!” [PHOTOS]

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Kate Winslet appeared on Italian television show Chiambretti in Milan yesterday (March 6th) to promote Titanic in 3D (opening April 6h, and YES, I will be there).

While the rest of us tear up and clutch our double tape copies of the 1997 blockbuster, Winslet experienced a different sort of emotion.  ”I was literally like, “Oh God, make it stop! Is that me? Oh my God, that’s me. Block my ears, somebody! Somebody club out my senses. Make it f***ing stop!” 

The renowned movie star is, however, looking forward to sharing it with her kids, Mia and Joe.”It’s very exciting that I can actually sit with them – together – and we can all watch it in a movie theatre,” Winslet told the little blue suit-clad television host.  ”That is going to be quite amazing, actually.”

In other Titanic news, Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes might be creating a series based on the famous “unsinkable” ship that infamously struck an iceberg in 1912.

 ”I felt that James Cameron [the film's director] had pretty much said it all… and then I suddenly thought, actually there is a way of doing this and it hasn’t been done before, and it’s something that I would be really interested in doing,” producer Nigel Stafford-Clark said, according to the Daily Mail.  ”Cameron was basically making a love story… This will be the almost polar opposite of that… a whole lot of stories of different people from different parts of society weaving in and out of each other.”

By Kelly Lynch

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