Kate Winslet Opens Up About Upcoming Role

Although Kate Winslet is currently being a philanthropist in London (she was hosting a fundraising dinner over the weekend), she has recently opened up about her upcoming role in HBO’s Mildred Pierce.

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Although Winslet has many experiences in film, she found it relatively difficult for this adaption because it was filmed for television, not the big screen.

“We had more to shoot, and we had to work a lot faster, but the determination and the level of focus that we all had to have because we were limited was so much more intense, honestly, than certainly any film I’ve been a part of. I mean film, schmilm. I’m telling you, television is so much harder.”

Winslet used experiences from her personal life, like being a single mother and her divorce, to help her connect to her character. Mildred Pierce is a single mother who struggles to feed her family in the 1940’s.

“I would never erase any part of my life or things that have happened to me even if they’ve been tough to get through at the time or frightening or whatever they might have been. Those things do become wonderful memories to learn from and share with people and share with your children and grandchildren, and they’re all kind of character-forming experiences. And for an actor that’s all you have. So I would never change any part of it.”

Sounds to me like this has the potential to be one of her most powerful roles so far. The film will premiere on HBO on March 27th at 9PM.