Kate Winslet Gave Her Son A Silly Name, He Joins The Ranks Of Other Weirdly Named Celebrity Kids

December 23rd, 2013 // Leave a Comment

Did you guys hear what Kate Winslet named her son?

Ladies and gents, Kate is the proud mother of Bear Winslet. Yes, you read that correctly, Bear. Lucky for the boy that he didn’t take daddy Ned‘s last name, or else his name would have been Bear Rocknroll, which is almost enough to make a child never want to go to school. How modern of them to use Winslet.

While Bear is definitely a cute nickname, I just can’t get into it as an actual name. 

And there are two other celebrity kids named Bear in this world. Well, hopefully he’ll be an attractive child like Kate’s other two kids. Otherwise Bear won’t have much going for him.

Sadly, Bear isn’t even the weirdest celebrity kid name in Hollywood. There are plenty of others that we have so lovingly rounded up for you in the gallery. So launch it to find out what other kids we should be feeling sorry for. But really, we should all be glad he’s a Winslet and not a Rocknroll.

By Sabba Rahbar

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