Kate Winslet Dreams About Michelle Williams

Oscar winner Kate Winslet admitted last night to having a strangely unique and ‘secret’ relationship with Michelle Williams at a screening of Williams’ film Blue Valentine at the Tribeca Grand Hotel.

As Winslet addressed the crowd, she said she’d only met Williams once and didn’t know her well but then admitted that she dreams about her. Is that creepy or what?

She said that from Williams’ roles in film, she felt she knew her and that they had a strong bond. Winslet was so emotional in her story that even Williams began to cry…

Many speculate that Williams will earn a handful of nominations for her work in Blue Valentine and just finished shooting Marilyn and Me in London, which she said is the hardest work she’s ever done.

She said she can’t watch herself on screen ever…

“I watched one daily of Blue Valentine and I stopped working for an hour,” she said. “I said, ‘I’m awful, why did I do that?’–meaning a bit of acting. I can’t watch myself on the screen at all.”

Winslet, too, is tapped out after finishing a five episode mini-series remake of Mildred Pierce for HBO.