Kate Upton Wishes She Had Cameron Diaz’s Boobs

When you spend hours a day on set with someone, there’s no doubt that you become close, and apparently sometimes you end up wishing you could be like them, too.

Kate Upton, Cameron Diaz, and Leslie Mann were seen heading through the airport in Sydney, Australia with their crew for The Other Woman, a new movie that they’re all starring in. I’ve been seeing these ladies together a lot lately, and I can’t wait to see them together on screen!

I’m sure by now all three of these stars are super close to one another, but I wonder if Cameron knows that Kate wishes she had her boobs? 

Kate revealed that she often dislikes her big boobs, an asset everyone else seems to love on her. “I wish I had smaller boobs every day of my life as I would love to wear spaghetti tops braless or go for the smallest bikini designs.” I feel your pain, Kate. Bikini shopping is the worst. It’s good to know that even a supermodel feels that way.

That’s where Kate’s envy of Cameron comes in. “In my eyes, Cameron Diaz has the perfect figure.” Personally, I think they’re both freaking gorgeous. I’d kill for either of your bodies, seriously.

Despite wishing they were smaller, Kate doesn’t necessarily hate her boobs, but she thinks it would be easier if people didn’t notice them so much. “Every single day I’m like, ‘Oh man, it would be so much easier’, especially if people didn’t constantly bring them up. If I could just take them off like they were clip-ons …”

I just tried imagining girls being able to remove their boobs and then put them back on when they felt like it and I’m trying so hard not to burst out laughing. Thanks for that image, Kate.