Kate Upton Spotted Filming In NYC Amid Blake Griffin Dating Rumors

If Kate Upton were to date all the men she’s have been rumored to be dating, she would be a girl who really gets around.

Kate was spotted filming scenes for The Other Woman in Chinatown in New York City earlier today (June 24, 2013). Upton was seemingly in a great mood, as she got makeup on and walked around set in a pair of short shorts.

E! Online reports that basketball player Blake Griffin and the Sports Illustrated model were hanging out with pals recently when, as a source tells them, the two looked “very cozy” together. 

The report states Griffin (24) was hanging out at Beauty & Essex in New York City with fellow Clipper DeAndre Jordan. At some point, Upton then joined Griffin and his friends and they proceeded to enjoy some lobster tacos and stuffed peppers.

Oohhhh! Time to start going shopping for wedding gifts for the pair!

Check out all the pics of the voluptuous model by launching the gallery!

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