Kate Upton Shows Off Her Killer Legs & Shares A Laugh

Kate Upton for SI
Kate Upton's hot Sports Illustrated swimsuit photos!
Dear Kate Upton, how did you get so pretty?

The gorgeous model was spotted on the set of The Other Woman today looking like a goddess sent down from above. And she’s not evening wearing any special! She’s got on a t-shirt and a pair of short shorts. Some people have all the luck.

Kate can be seen sharing a laugh with co-star Leslie Mann, who opted to hide her face from the cameras. I don’t think Kate has any problems with cameras. I mean, have you seen some of the stuff she’s worn for them? So what can we expect from Kate’s acting debut? 

Well, she is playing someone’s mistress, which is never a particularly likable character. Luckily, the movie itself sounds really entertaining. How many times do you think they’re gonna make Kate wear a bikini in the movie? 5? 10? Surely they wouldn’t go beyond that.

Check out all the photos from Kate’s day on set in the gallery. Are you guys excited about her movie debut? Especially if it includes bikini shots? Oh come on, I know you are. Ooo! Maybe Kate, Leslie and co-star Cameron Diaz will all be in bikinis. Now I know people would pay to see that movie!