Kate Upton Looks Elegant For Vogue, Speaks About Self Confidence & Her Bobbi Brown Campaign

Put Your Mustache On
Did you know that Kate makes a mustache look super sexy?
Sometimes I think I can’t love a celebrity more and then they do something to make me adore them even more.

Kate Upton, without a doubt, is one of those people who succeeded in causing my love to double for her in the last few moments. Before we delve into just how fabulous she is, let’s talk about some exciting business news, shall we?

In addition to being a new Express Brand Ambassador, she is also the new face of cosmetic line Bobbi Brown.

Both Brown and Upton sat down and discussed the campaign with Vogue. It seems like the make-up genius is a huge fan of the model. On what she thinks about the buxom blonde being so versatile in the industry, she explained, “she’s starting to act, she’s a model; she speaks eloquently about confidence and self-esteem, which is really important to me.”

The model spoke about how she feels about make-up and how it makes her feel. All women receive a confidence boost when they’re all done up and looking glamorous, but natural beauty is just as important.

“Makeup is very important in making me feel either confident or sexy, but it doesn’t define how I feel. I love my body and I love my job, so it’s fun to play around with different looks,” Upton shared.

If you’re into wearing the minimal amount of make-up because you don’t want to use a whole bunch of product, or you don’t have time, Kate says “wearing a little bit of concealer or a little blush, even bronzer, can make you feel more confident.”

Not only is she beautiful and confident, but she can also dance. Check out the video of her showing off her moves below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!