Kate Upton & Her Boobs Hit The New York Film Festival [PHOTOS]

Kate Upton for SI
Kate Upton's hot Sports Illustrated swimsuit photos!
Kate Upton in Esquire
Kate Upton gets sexy for Esquire.
Just in case you thought you could go a day without seeing Kate Upton’s boobs, you were wrong!

The 20-year-old model decided she needed to show them off some more when she hit the red carpet at the New York Film Festival. Apparently Kate was there for a screening of the Spanish-language film No. As in, “I have NO idea why Kate Upton wants to see that movie.”

Actually, maybe she’s secretly really brilliant and we’ve all just been fooled cause she likes to flaunt her assets so much–like in these shots from Terry Richardson. How great is her dress though?

The neckline shows off just enough cleavage to make men drool, without being overly gross, and the color looks fabulous on her. So now let’s play a fun game where we start rumors about who Kate is dating based on random people she’s been at events with. My money is on Chace Crawford. The two were spotted at a film premiere not too long ago, and I think they’d be really cute together.

Come on, how fun is that? Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Kate and her boobs. Don’t forget to tell us what you think of her outfit–and her made up love life–in the comments!