Kate Upton Gets Naked For Contributor Magazine [PHOTOS]

Kate Upton for SI
Kate Upton's hot Sports Illustrated swimsuit photos!
Kate Upton For GQ
Kate Upton gets her pose on the men's fashion magazine.
Once again Kate Upton has posed for a provocative magazine spread, and this time she’s taken all of her clothes off.

In a new spread for Contributor Magazine, the blonde bombshell shows plenty of skin to go along with the fashion’s featured in the editorial.

Upton recently became the focal point of one website, skinnygossip (a thinspiration site, though many would argue it’s a proanorexic site) critical barrage:

She spoke about the fat comments: “My body is something that you have to work out and eat healthily for, but I’m not doing drugs or not eating. I want to enjoy life and I can’t be enjoying life if I’m not eating and miserable.” 

“It was hard when I was first in the industry and people were like, ‘No, you are fat.'”

Believe me Kate, you definitely are not fat.