Kate Upton, Cameron Diaz & Leslie Mann Look Sexy For ‘The Other Woman’ UK Premiere

I always know it’s a successful red carpet when I can’t quite decide whose outfit I love most.

And that was definitely the case in London today at the UK premiere of The Other Woman. Stars Kate Upton, Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann were looking sexy and lovely on the red carpet, making it quite difficult to choose who was best dressed.

Do we go with Kate in her black, retro WilliamVintage dress? Cameron Diaz in her tight leather The Row dress? Or Leslie Mann in her funky Giles dress? 

I can’t pick, so I’ll leave it up to you guys. I am loving all these red carpets the ladies are doing together. They looked to be having a fun time when they were making the movie, so chances are they’re enjoying each other’s company again.

You know, I’m not usually into revenge movies like The Other Woman, but this one actually looks funny. Brava ladies. Launch the gallery to check out all the looks from the red carpet. And make sure to leave us your pick for best dressed in the comment below!