Kate Upton And Her Boobs Pose For ‘Jalouse’ [PHOTOS]

Kate Upton covers the October 2012 issue of Jalouse Magazine looking terribly chic.  Even the boobs were dressed up.  The model dressed up in looks from Dior to Burberry for the spread, shot by photographer Alexei Hay.

Upton on fashion: “The world of fashion is a clique. What matters is not to be pretty, but different, to reunite all the characteristics of perfection, but in a staggered manner. This is what they want.”

On striving to be a model: “All girls want to become models, especially when you’re in college and the other girls are hard and nasty.”

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On the various shoots she’s done: “It’s funny, fashion shoots do not resemble at all swimwear shoots. Pose, I can do, but customer expectations are not the same. Everyone acts differently on the set. The bikini photos are for any American home. Fashion is for a unique group.”