Kate Moss Wants A Music Festival Instead Of A Wedding

Kate Moss must think she’s something else.

Popeater is reporting that the waiftastical model has asked many a famous band to play at her wedding.  The list includes: Led Zeppelin (remaining members, natch), The Clash (again, remaining members),The Rolling Stones (if Mick doesn’t attempt to sleep with the bride), Kanye West and The Gossip singer Beth Ditto.

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I’m confused.  Is Moss getting married or putting together a music festival?  How is it possible to hope for even two-nay-one of these bands/musicians to come perform at your wedding?   All I can hope for at my own pretend wedding is a first-class playlist on my hot pink Ipod.  But this…this is just preposterous.  I realize that a certain level of delusion comes with being a model (what, with the lack of calories and all), but let’s get our heads on straight.  Yes, Kate Moss is famous, and slightly pretty in an “Drugs Do A Body Good” sort of way.  But asking bands like The Rolling Stones to play at your wedding is just plane arrogant

Rumor has it that she and fiance Jamie Hince already tied the knot back in August.  They were spotted yesterday at a Eurostar train stop in London.