Kate Moss Models Her New Comeback Topshop Collection For ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ And ‘Vogue’

See Where It Started
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I think we can all agree that a successful comeback story is always wonderful to hear about.

At the moment, the story of Kate Moss and her new Topshop Collection is probably the most intriguing. Featured in and covering the May 2014 issue of Harper’s Bazaar, the model shows off a sneak peek of the collection.

Her inspiration for each piece is probably what makes it most special.

According to the magazine, the collection was inspired by pieces within her own closet. My personal favorite is the silver sequin dress, which is $500. Even with the hefty price tag, it’s probably a mere fraction of the cost of whatever outfit of hers was the inspiration.

In addition to looking fabulous while modeling her outfits, Moss was a contributing fashion editor and cover girl for the May 2014 issue of Vogue UK. Model, Freja Beha Erichssen, looked chic in her ensemble.

A piece she should be very proud of is the fringed jacket she can be seen showing off in the photograph below.

Understandably excited, she took a little bit of time out to explain the collection. She said it’s “a bit more sophisticated” and every piece is something she would definitely wear.

Check out the video below and launch the gallery to see more of her fashionable looks!