Kate Moss Gets Tan And Celebrates A Friend’s Birthday In St. Barts

Kate Moss: Cover Girl
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I thought I was lucky to enjoy such a warm few days in Los Angeles this past weekend, but this model has found an even better place to soak up the sun.

Kate Moss is in St. Barts for her St. Patrick’s Day, but decided against rocking the green. Instead Kate chose to wear a strapless navy bikini as she lounged on the deck of a yacht, soaking up the sun. I’m sure she’s getting gorgeously tan, and I’m super jealous. 

Kate is in St. Barts to celebrate her retail tycoon best friend Sir Phillip Green’s 62nd birthday. You’d think once you reach 62 the birthday celebrations might be a little bit calmer, and yet the party was held with many guests on a huge yacht. Go big or go home, right?

Kate recently celebrated her birthday as well, and was perhaps looking to spice up the party. She managed to make the festivities a little more exciting by arriving at the party with a child sized mannequin, fully dressed, as her guest. Um, what?  This must have been some sort of inside joke, because that’s just plain strange. But hey, at least it made things interesting.

Kate has had no short of excitement in her life lately. She just recently wrote her very first music review of her pal George Michael’s album “Symphonica,” which came out today. Kate’s apparently becoming a jack of all trades. Very impressive.