Kate Moss Can’t Get A US Visa, Carries On With Vacation In Jamaica

From the looks of it, you wouldn’t realize that Kate Moss is having trouble with international travel.

The supermodel has allegedly been struggling to obtain her US work visa, which is a bit of a problem for Playboy. A source claims that the publication had been planning a party in Los Angeles to celebrate her upcoming 60th Anniversary cover, before having to relocate across the Atlantic.

But why, you might ask, won’t the gods of travel let Kate Moss party on American soil? 

In 2005, footage of Moss snorting cocaine made its way onto tabloid covers, which in the end, may have boosted the supermodel’s career even further. Wait, what was the moral of this story again?

A spokesperson for Playboy stated that the party had been planned for London all along, so no worries! Either way, Moss doesn’t appear too concerned, striking silly poses and lounging with her daughter Lila Grace in Jamaica. Launch the gallery to see more photos of her vacation!