Kate Middleton Will Not “Obey” Prince William

We are exactly 7 days away from the royal wedding-and let me tell you, friends-We. Are. Pumped.  It’s unclear why we are so captivated by Prince William and Catherine Middleton, but we’re swept away by the romance of it all and don’t plan on fighting it.

So! A spot of news to tide you over before the big day (fear not, we’ll have more news next week).  The Daily Mail reports that Middleton will not vow to “obey” her future husband during the ceremony at Westminster Abbey, but instead “love, comfort, honor and keep,” him. Diana did the same thing in 1981 when she married Prince Charles.

PHOTOS: Kate Middleton For The Win!

The Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, who will marry the couple next Friday, approves their decision to switch things up.  He also has a lot of faith in Prince William and Middleton’s relationship, telling the Daily Mail, “Ive been very struck by the way in which William and Catherine have approached this great event.  “They’ve thought through what they want for themselves, but also what they want to say.  They have a very simple, very direct picture of what really matters about this event.”

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