Kate Middleton & Prince William Head To Friends Wedding, Run Into 4 Exes

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Talk about an awkward wedding! Duchess Kate and Prince William had quite the time this weekend as they ran into 4 of their exes at a friend’s wedding. Yup, not just one ex, but four! The duo attended the wedding of Kate’s friend from Marlborough College, Alice St John Webster to Gerald Alvenel.

So just who were these exes? Well on Kate’s side we’ve got Henry Ropner, whom Kate dated when she and Will split in 2007, and Willem Marx, Kate’s first boyfriend from Marlborough. On Will’s side there was Olivia Hunt, who dated Will right before he and Kate got together, and Rose Farquhar, whom Will dated after he left Eton in 2000.

Do you think they could have gotten a few more exes in there? I just want you to imagine running into that many of your exes. Luckily Will and Kate didn’t seem to be too fazed by it. They’re more awesome than that. So tell us, have you an awkward run ins with the exes?

By Sabba Rahbar

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