Kate Middleton Looks Gorgeous At Wedding, Wore Fake Diamonds To Jubilee

Kate Goes Casual
HRH at the Olympic Park in London.
Look at our girl Kate Middleton, working it in all sorts of ways.

Kate and husband Prince William, or as they’re more fancily known the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, were spotted looking ever so elegant at the London wedding of William’s cousin. Hey look! Prince Harry is there too!

Kate looked fabulous in her famous L.K. Bennett heels, floral dress, embellished coat and amazing hat. Seriously, every hat she has ever worn is amazing. How does she do it? Now, what’s all this about fake diamond earrings?

According to reports, the Duchess opted for something now so Crown Jewely for the Diamond Jubilee celebration. For her balcony appearance with the royal family, Kate sported $75 fake diamond and pearl earrings from Belinda Hadden’s “Fabulous Fakes” line. According to the designer, the earrings sold out in less than 24 hours.

See, this is just one of the reasons I love the Duchess. She’s going to be the next, or next next depending on what happens, Queen of England and here she is making $75 fakes look impeccable. Kate, you my favorite! Also, any hat tips you wanna share?