Kate Middleton is “WINNING”

21 days to go until Prince Wills marries Kate (Catherine) Middleton, and we’re still perfecting our curtsies.  While following anything and anyone having to do with royalty on Twitter, I came across the most delightful of sites, Kate Middleton For The Win.   Born out of pure monarchy fascination, creator Anne Clark told The Windsor Knot, “I’m hugely fascinated by the monarchy.  Like, do they use Facebook? Do they have bank accounts? Do they make their own sandwiches, ever?”

Whatever the House of Windsor does, they should keep on trucking. While the rest of us curse our commoner blood, Kate’s life is about to consist solely of waving and collecting flowers (and promptly handing them over to the help).

Hail Britannia!

Oh, BTW-The Daily Mail reports that Kate is battling Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall over what will adorn her princess coif April 29th.  Apparently Middleton wants to wear flowers in her hair, while Camilla is insisting that she don a tiara.  Trust us, Kate.  You’ll want to wear the tiara.  A) It’s not plastic B) You have an actual reason for it.  You’re f_____ royalty.

Treat yourself to some of Clarke’s best captions in our gallery and tell us which pic is your favorite.