Kate Middleton Is Ravishing In White (With A Jaunty Hat To Match)

We’re bringing you every outfit Kate Middleton sports in Canada because it Never. Gets. Old.  Today HRH the Duchess of Cambridge recycled the white Reiss dress she wore for her engagement portraits back in December, but this time we get a full view of the impressively-cut (and impressively flattering) frock the duchess paired with a red fascinator, which appears to be adorned with maple leafs-A nod to her people of Canada.  And that sparkly lil’ maple brooch?  That was a borrowed item from Queen Elizabeth’s personal collection, when she visited Canada as a princess in 1951 (a year before her father, King George VI passed and she ascended the throne), according to E!.

PHOTOS: White Is Kate Middleton’s Color

Will and Kate rode in a carriage and waved to the genetically unfortunate crowd to celebrate National Canada Day.  They attended the Canadian Citizenship Ceremony, where new citizens swear their allegiance to Queen Elizabeth.  Tonight Wills and Kate will attend the “Evening Show” for some patriotic entertainment before wrapping things up with a private dinner.