Kate Middleton Is In LA! (And She Brought That Chap With Her)

July 8th, 2011 // 1 Comment

They’ve landed!  They’ve landed!  The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have landed!  William and Kate left Calgary earlier this afternoon and touched down at LAX just before 4 p.m. PST in their trusty Royal Canadian Airforce plane (complete with the flag commissioned for the royal couple’s visit).  It was all too exciting to wait for Wills and Kate to disembark from the aircraft, and we’re quite pleased that Governor Jerry Brown’s wife curtsied upon meeting them (Yay America!).  And when they did, it was second to the feeling we got when Kate left the Goring Hotel for Westminster Abbey April 29th.

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Kate changed from her red Catherine Walker outfit (complete with Queen Elizabeth‘s diamond maple leaf brooch) to a periwinkle dress with a back bustle by Serbian-born designer Roksanda Ilincic.  Gorgeous GORGEOUS choice, if we do say so.  Ilincic is a Central St. Martin’s graduate whose designs are sold at the the tony Harvey Nichols department store in London.

The Duke and Duchess are currently at the Beverly Hilton where a technology conference is taking place.  The couple appeared onstage to a standing ovation.

There’s royalty in town!

By Kelly Lynch

  1. MysterWright

    Whatta great year! First we get Jerry Brown back, now we get the royal family? California rocks, dude! We’re back. No contest. Rest of the world beware. The vets are even coming home. We’re here and ready to avenge, socially, anything post 9/11 related. That means you hollywood remakes! That means you shallow people! That even means you broken education system! If this works out Kate, bring Will up with you to Nor Cal and check out all the computers, ski lodges or wineries. You’ll bug out at what all we got to offer up north!

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