Kate Middleton Gracefully Loses A Boat Race To Prince William [PHOTOS]

Prince William beat wife Kate in a dragonboat race yesterday, but made sure to give her a good cuddle post-win.   The Duke and Duchess went head-to-head as they paddled with teammates across Dalvay Lake in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.  The rain was a-pourin’ down as William got himself into his team’s boat boat (“Only half of me got wet,” he said later).  People were allegedly fighting to get into Kate’s boat, according to Us Weekly.  The Duchess wore a windbreaker, jeans and ubercute Sebago “Bala” boat shoes (ps-they’re only $80.00!) as she gracefully accepted defeat, telling one attendee that “maybe next time” she’ll beat her husband.

PHOTOS: Kate Middleton Hits Up A BBQ

Post-race, William and Kate sampled local food prepared by chefs – Yes, there is evidence that the Duchess eats – as they walked the waterfront.  When William asked her how she was doing, Kate told him that  “this umbrella is perfect. Although my feet are soaked!”

Afterward, Catherine got herself into a cozy navy coat and red scarf to take pictures of William as he attempted helicopter maneuvers called “water birding” across the Dalvay Lake.  Kate looked less official during these moments, as she was just another wife cheering on her husband.