10 Kate Middleton Funny Faces To Distract Us From Another Bikini Photo Scandal

February 12th, 2013 // 1 Comment
The Duchess Diary
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While Italian magazine Chi is digging themselves a big ole’ hole by publishing new photos of the Duchess of Cambridge, SOCIALITE LIFE would like to distract the masses with 10 wonderfully entertaining faces made by Her Royal Highness.

Back in September, Chi followed French Closer‘s lead by publishing topless photos of Catherine while she was on holiday in France.  Now, Chi has published images of the pregnant Duchess in a bikini, walking along the beach in Mustique with Prince William.

According to royal reporter Richard Palmer, St. James’s Palace issued a statement over the photos earlier today. 

Though these pictures are assumed to not be nearly as scandalous as the ones taken last fall, the palace is no doubt frustrated by the brazen attitudes of freelance photographers, who take the photos and then sell them to a media outlet.

Ok, let’s get distracted.

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By Kelly Lynch

  1. Kate Middleton Artistic Gymnastics Mens Pommel Horse Finals Olympics
    Commented on this photo:

    I think this is the quick trip across the Grand Canal, in the mini-gongolas. It’s a pettry shot.Best of luck to Kate. I know what shoulder surgery is like. Cursing is acceptable: you have my permission. It is really tough, but you’ll make it. I went to Venice seven months after I went through one. Hang tough.

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