Kate Middleton Attends Her Household Staff’s Luncheon, The Queen Makes History At 10 Downing Street [PHOTOS]

The Duchess of Cambridge felt well enough to attend her staff’s luncheon today at Notting Hill’s Bumpkin restaurant.  According to the Telegraph, she and the Duke of Cambridge joined 27 members of their household staff in the Queen’s Room, enjoying a Christmas menu under a portrait of Her Majesty.

Staff at the Bumpkin told the paper that Catherine looked “a picture of health” in a floral white and blue dress.  She ate turkey and stuck to soft drinks during the meal

Meanwhile, history was being made over at 10 Downing Street.

Queen Elizabeth looked especially regal today as she was greeted by Prime Minister David Cameron.  Wearing a bright blue dress with matching coat by Stewart Parvin, Her Majesty sat in on a Cabinet meeting, and toured the Foreign and Commonwealth offices.

The Queen’s visit to the weekly Cabinet meeting as an observer is the first time a monarch has done so since Queen Victoria’s reign.  These meetings consist of about 20-30 senior ministers who run shop in matters of state and government. 

Some harped that her visit to the meeting (which she only sat in on and didn’t contribute to) blurred the “traditional line between government and monarchy,” according to the Windsor Star.

To this, Ken Clarke told the BBC that the Queen had every right to be at the meeting.

“We are her cabinet, we operate for her,” he said.  “She was sat in the seat where the Prime Minister traditionally sits and, given it’s her cabinet, she can come any time she wants.”

In addition to her special outing, Foreign Secretary William Hague gifted her with part of Antarctica (don’t get upset.  It’s just the British-owned part).

“This is a fitting tribute at the end of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee year, and I am very proud to be able to announce it as she visits the Foreign and Commonwealth Office,” Hague said, according to the BBC.

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