Kate Hudson’s Papa Tells All In New Book

Looks like Kate Hudson is going to have a new reason to barely talk to her father, Bill Hudson. Remember when we told you that Bill had written a tell-all book about Kate and mom Goldie Hawn and was shopping around for publishers? Looks like he found one! You can now pre-order the book 2 Versions: The Other Side of Fame and Family.

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Radar Online got a peek at the book’s cover, which features a big ass picture a Bill and two little ones, one of him with Goldie and the other with Kate and her brother Oliver Hudson. The book mainly dishes on how after Goldie and Bill separated he was totally alienated from his kids. The book’s website says, “After their divorce, Bill found himself in the middle of the controversial issue of parental alienation. His rights as a father to see his children were often played out in the media because Oliver and Kate became actors themselves.”

In the book, Bill bashes Kate saying she is a selfish brat who won’t even call up her dying grandmother who has Alzheimer’s. Now Kate, I don’t care hot your baby-daddy is, stop with all the PDA and call grandma. Now!

Interestingly, in her Elle interview Kate mentions her “parents.” I wonder if that’s Goldie and Bill or Goldie and life-partner Kurt Russell. Hmmm. Will be heading out on November 1 to buy Bill’s book? Check out the pics of Kate’s son Ryder being cute in the gallery then let us know in the comments!