Kate Hudsons Hits London While Her Dad Promotes His Memoir

Kate Hudson’s fiance dressed himself up in a snazzy plaid suit, threw on a scarf and took his lady love out on the town last night (September 22nd).  Muse frontman Matt Bellamy held the door of the Marylebone Hotel in London for Hudson as they exited, while she kept her eyes averted from the flashing bulbs.

PHOTOS: Matt Bellamy And Kate Hudson Smooch

Hudson is keeping her cool while estranged dad Bill reveals in his memoir that he stopped fighting for custody of Kate and brother Oliver.  “The lack of visitation meant many knock-down, drag-out fights (with) Goldie. (The kids) didn’t realise that I was slowly but surely being replaced as their father figure,” Hudson wrote, acknowledging that he’ll never get over losing touch with his two older children.  “I will honestly regret that decision until the day I die.”