Kate Hudson & Zach Braff Film Scene For ‘Wish I Was Here’ In Pretty Sunset Skies

Zach Braff Not Gay!
Zach Braff Isn’t Gay Despite What His Website Says
Have you noticed that sunrise and sunsets make movie scenes look aesthetically more pleasing?

Not that these two need any help with spicing up a scene!

Kate Hudson and Zach Braff filmed late night scenes on a life-guard tower at the beach for the film Wish I Was Here, in Santa Monica on August 23, 2013.

The two bundled up in sweaters as they exchanged lines and semi-smiles.

Kate and Zach also took swigs from what may have been that terrible non-alcoholic beer.

So, this film just got a little bit better with the mix of crazy Hudson waves, horrifying white socks, a beautiful sunset, and beer!