Kate Hudson Says She’s Lost Her Rock Edge. Squish, Squish.

Kate Hudson Glows
Matt Bellamy posts a first picture of Kate Hudson and baby
Lance & Kate Hudson
Remember when these two dated?
Kate Hudson Lunches
Kate Hudson and her sons enjoy some lunch.
• In Kate Hudson’s new interview with Elle she talks about losing her “rock edge” after becoming a mother. Um, what?

• Jon Hamm giggles when being tickled.

• Gwyneth Paltrow’s second cookbook It’s All Good was released this week. People are praising it and trashing it all over the place.

• A look at the ever-so stylish couple, Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl and their fashion sense.

• Kendra Wilkinson got all the way to the top of the diving board. When push came to shove, she just couldn’t do it. On last night’s episode of Splash, the reality star backed down the 23-foot platform with tears in her eyes.

• Rapper Busta Rhymes reportedly unleashed a tirade of homophobic slurs at employees at a Miami Beach restaurant this morning after he wasn’t allowed to cut in line and then became angry that his condiments were not properly dressing his burger.

Plus, Angelina Jolie’s jewelry line proceeds to help fund girls school.  Details below.