Kate Hudson Promotes Almay As We Listen To Her New Glee Duet With Lea Michele [PHOTOS]

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Season 4 of Glee has really been heating up since it’s November 8th return from hiatus. With all new songs, breakups and characters, the show has really found its stride, this season.

Without a doubt, the season 4 newbie that’s stirring up things the most is the bitchy dance instructor of Rachel Berry (Lea Michele,) played by the always amazing, Kate Hudson.

With flashy new numbers revolving around her, and the constant duty of making Rachel’s life a living hell, Hudson is definitely the MVP of the new season. Good thing, too, because reports just came in that the next episode, premiering this Thursday, will feature a sexy duet between the fremenies sure to make for a great number in the episode, and in Glee history. The song choice? Why, none other than the iconic Chicago opening song, “All That Jazz.”

It’s still unclear as to what the exact context of the song will be. The song, that’s usually a solo, being sung as a duet makes it sound like the 2 characters are being friendly. However, considering the last appearance of Hudson’s character, Cassandra July, was her sleeping with Rachel’s new boy toy, Brody (unfailingly gorgeous, Dean Geyer,) it is still unknown how the 2 woman will come together to do the duet, within the plot of the story. But, if there’s anything that we’ve learned from the last 4 seasons of Glee, it’s that anythingcan happen.

In the meantime, Kate Hudson has been spotted looking chic as ever in New York City to promote the new Almay Makeup line, for which she is the face of;  Almay Intense i-Color Bold Nudes And Smart Shade Mousse, so check out the gallery to see that.

And take a listen to exclusive world premiere of the Glee rendition of “All That Jazz.” Judging by the extravagance of the audio, the dance aspect is certain to be one of the best.

By Marcelle Luna

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