Kate Hudson & Matt Bellamy Can’t Stop With The PDA

I think that every time I see Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy together they’re are in some form of a lip-lock, or a super touchie position, or something just uber cute. Well, maybe cute isn’t the right word. All my life I’ve hated PDA, public displays of affection, and there is no difference with celebrities.

Us Weekly reports that Kate and Matthew are currently visiting his family in North London and made a quick visit to a local coffee shop. It wasn’t just for coffee though. The pair proceeded to pack on the public make-out while there new son Bingham slept in his stroller.

PHOTOS: Kate Hudson & Family Enjoy Beach Time

The pair seem completely at peace with their new little boy, tweeting a picture of him the other day sleeping on mommy’s shoulder. Lacking from their family outing though was a beach. The two things that have seemed to be consistent with these two is PDA and the beach. Oh well.

At least they’re cute together. Imagine if they were an ugly couple that was always making out. Eww. What are your thoughts on PDA? Does it irritate you as much as it does me? Do you think they could slow it down? Check out the gallery then leave us your thoughts in the comments!