Kate Hudson Joins Ex-Husband For Little League Game

March 21st, 2011 // 1 Comment

Divorce can make for some uber-awkward encounters, unless you’re Kate Hudson.

Photos: Showing off pregnant bump isn’t awkward at all

Kate joined ex-husband, Chris Robinson at their son Ryder’s little league baseball game on Saturday and looked like one big happy hippy family! Kate made sure to make nice with Chris’ current wife, Allison (the brunette in the sunglasses) and even made baby faces to the couple’s newest daughter, Cheyenne.

Divorced, knocked up and eating pretzels while watching baseball. That a girl, Kate! Keeping it classy, just like grandma.

By Priscilla Rios

  1. anon

    While some puritans may argue that being pregnant without the benefit of marriage is not classy, how is it not classy to be divorced and eating pretzels? Weird. What IS classy is staying friends with your ex for the benefit of your child.

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