Kate Hudson Enjoys A Day In The Big Apple With Baby Bingham

Kate Hudson Lunches
Kate Hudson and her sons enjoy some lunch.
Kate Hudson is really good at having adorable children.

Just take her little boy Bingham Bellamy, for example. The super blonde baby of Kate and Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy is one ridiculously adorable child. And clearly he’s from the same brand of baby boys as Skyler Berman who don’t cut their hair.

Luckily it totally works on Bingham, who comes from quite the funky family. Mom Kate has always been known for her funky style–just look at her outfit today–and his dad is one of the most famous rockers on the planet. Life has got to be good for that kid! 

Also, it’s nice to see that Bingham is continuing to be cute, and wasn’t just a one off baby back in the day. Now we’re gonna have to find a lovely celebrity baby girl to pair him up with! Someone that Kate would totally approve of.

Speaking of Kate, I think she should go around wearing this dress all the time. Please and thank you. Launch the gallery to check out all the cuteness coming from Kate and Bingham. Where does he rank on your favorite celebrity babies list? Come on, I know you have one!