Kate Hudson Attempts To Hide But Shows Some Crack At JFK [PHOTOS]

Bellamy family vacation
Matt Bellamy and Kate Hudson vacation with baby Bingham
Kate Hudson Glows
Matt Bellamy posts a first picture of Kate Hudson and baby
Kate Hudson is so adorable, trying to go incognito at JFK airport with a headscarf while her famous fiancé, Matt Bellamy, walks alongside nonchalantly with no attempt at disguise. Perhaps Bellamy isn’t aware of how recognizable he is these days, what with Muse selling over 15 million albums worldwide and providing the official song of the 2012 London Olympic Games with their hit, Survival.

Hudson probably drew more attention to herself with her disguise. Note to celebrities, if you are strutting through the airport looking gorgeous behind a headscarf and shades, and rocking skinny jeans and platform heels, you are going to attract attention. Most people don’t travel in style like that, am I right?

The beautiful blonde actress brought their new puppy along for the trip and the paparazzi caught an unfortunate crack picture when Hudson bent over to remove the pup from his carrying case at security. Noticeably absent from the trip, adorable baby Bingham Bellamy.