Kate Gosselin And A Real Job? With Real People? Ick.

A new season of Kate Plus 8 starts tonight on TLC, and mama bear Kate Gosselin is really hoping it does well.  Otherwise, girlfriend’s gonna have to slum it like the rest of us and get a real job.  And by real, I mean a 9-5 where people don’t care that you were part of an Emmy skit or that you once sported $7000 hair extensions.  Gosselin COULD end up like her ex-husband, Jon.  Having hit the layer upon which rock bottom sits, Jon now installs solar panels.  Gone are the days of Ed Hardy tiger jeans, champagne wishes aboard fancy yachts and lunches in the Hamptons.  It’s back to middle America, you go!

Popeater reports that if the series drops in viewership, TLC will pull the plug on Kate Plus 8.  A source told the site, “This season Kate has been told to bring her A-game.  If her ratings drop to the 1 million mark this will be her last season, and then Kate would have to get a real job.”

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Tonight’s episodes features Kate and her kids in Australia doing all sorts of activities, mainly so that Kate can win back viewers.  My advice for Kate?  Start smiling a bit more and at least pretend to be nice to fans.  The public perception of Kate is in the toilet, and she doesn’t exactly have the wherewithal to pull such a ‘tude.  Gosselin’s a reality star playing her last card.  Hold on for dear life and pray people tune.