Kate Bosworth Heads To Sydney To Promote The SK-II Skincare Line [PHOTOS]

Kate Bosworth All Business
Kate Bosworth attends meeting in Culver City, CA.
Kate Bosworth has been laying low for a while, when it comes to acting. So while she’s in between projects, the actress stepped out to promote a different endeavor of hers.

Bosworth tweeted “S-Y-D-N-E-Y B-O-U-N-D”  on October 8th before she flew over to the isle of Australia in order to promote the skincare line SK-II with her fiance Michael Polish on October 11th. The actress is partnering as the new face of the line, which promotes the use of the SKI-II-trademarked ingredient Pitera (a blend of vitamins, minerals, and organic acids) in it’s products.

‘Kate Bosworth epitomizes the classic beauty that SK-II represents and we welcome her to our expanding family of ambassadors around the world,” SK-II said about the actress. With such kind words, it’s no wonder that Bosworth wanted to devote some time to promote the line, herself.

To celebrate the partnership, Bosworth walked the red carpet wearing an iridescent, nude colored dress, but her best accessory was her tuxedo’ed man, Polish. Just the day before, the couple was seen casually walking through the city, sight-seeing.

Next up for Bosworth and Polish is the promotion of the film Big Sur, which Bosworth starred in, and Polish directed.

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