Kate Bosworth Covers NYLON

Kate Bosworth rocks NYLON’s March 2011 cover, talking fashion and “her issues.” The actress will soon launch a midrange jewelry line called JewelMint.

“I wanted to make everything $30. There’s nothing in that price range, really,” the fashion maven said. “You can go to, like, Claire’s and get something for $5, and the next level up is over $100.  This is a middle range of really cute, really fun accessories.  All my friends love a bargain, whether or not they can also shop at expensive stores… Sienna Miller’s one of my best friends and we always go bargain hunting!”

PHOTOS: Kate Bosworth At Burberry Fashion Show At London Fashion Week

The photo shoot features Kate in edgy, chunky knits paired with dresses and shorts, perfect for that transition out of winter into spring. But I swear, this girl can wear a trash bag and it looks good.