Kate Bosworth And Alexander Skarsgard-Love On The Rocks?

Things between True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth aren’t looking good, according to US Weekly via CeleBitchy.  There have been conflicting reports on the status of their relationship, with the latest claiming the two have hit “hit a rough patch.”  ‘Tis difficult to say who’s more into who, but if I were a betting lady I would say it’s Bosworth putting in the extra effort.  Skarsgard is vikingly good-looking and plays a vampire.  Point: Skarsgard.

Bosworth is doing everything she can to save the relationship-She’s invited Skarsgard out to dinner with her parents, and has been know to gush incessantly about the stud to his father.  Despite all of this, it’s been said Skarsgard has one foot out the door.  Odds are the break-up will be announced when their movie Straw Dogs comes out in September.  Perfect timing!  The two were spotted having lunch at Joan’s on Third in West Hollywood yesterday.  A fan stopped by to profess her love for Skarsgard, who was more than happy to oblige her in a few minutes of banter.

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Cut bait, Bosworth.  If the boy isn’t smitty-kitty and pulling his weight as a boyfriend, head for greener pastures.  You were Blue Crush girl, remember?